Pyrotechnics are small indoor fireworks. They are perfectly safe to use indoors as the sparks they produced are classed as “cold burning” which means unless you place your hand directly into the sparks they are producing, you cannot burn yourself, and the sparks they produce cannot ignite any fabrics, carpets, curtains or clothing. If you happen to catch a stray spark, you will not receive any burns. Indeed, DJ Chris launches them from platforms mounted directly over where he is standing and is perfectly happy to do so.

Technically they produce a small enough quantity of smoke to be classed as “smokeless” however, this small amount will set off fire alarms under the right circumstances.

DJ Chris will do a full venue examination, including laser based measurements to the roof and children before even bringing the pyrotechnics into the building. With over 4 years handling pyrotechnics, both in nightclubs, theatres, student venues and at children’s parties DJ Chris has enough experience and training to ascertain if a safe launch can be undertaken.

Speak to him on the day and he will be happy to walk you through the process and let you examine the tiny devices.

If the situation does not permit the safe launch of the pyrotechnics, no amount of pressure, pleading or offers of free cake will persuade DJ Chris to change his mind! Ultimately, remember that DJ Chris is just as cautious as you are, just as protective over the children as you are and is just as precious about his reputation as the committee are about the village hall you are hiring! If it’s not 100% safe to launch them, DJ Chris will leave them on the van!

The discarded pyrotechnic residue is perfectly safe, and can safely be swept up in seconds. Most of it lands in the safety area surrounding DJ Chris! (Or on him!! You might want to warn whoever sweeps up not to visit an airport for a few days after the party, the sniffer dogs checking for explosives got very cross with DJ Chris as he walked through East Midlands airport back in 2018!!)