Instances of this happening are extremely rare, as to make them almost non-existent. DJ Chris himself actually suffers from perineal rhinitis which is a breathing related condition, and has used the snow machine successfully for over 20 years with no masks or adverse problems. The snow itself is a foam based product and as a result the levels of concentration to mixture can vary. The fluids availability and manufacturer can change from time to time. The ventilation in the venue can also play a factor. DJ Chris restricts the use of the snow machine to a single long burst at the end of the party, and will give a verbal warning to parents and children before he turns the machine on, in accordance with his risk assessments. As a rule of thumb, and under normal conditions, asthma is not triggered by the snow machine. Hay fever is not triggered by the snow machine. Skin allergies are very isolated and can easily and quickly remedied by washing the foam off with a little bit of mildly cold water. These instances happen once or twice a year maximum.